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Our custom boats are entirely made with infused composite parts using a myriad of different materials according to the designer's specs. We can infuse the most complicated parts and are always up to any challenge.




Naval Architect Derek Kelsall has been creating amazing designs that we have been building for clients for years.


We have strategic alliances with some other top designers as well.


Do you have boat plans from another architect that you want us to build? Sure, bring them over and have us take a look for an estimate.

Besides your regular FRP materials, we have also worked with:

- Kevlar

- Carbon fiber

- Bending PVC foam

- Epoxy-Vinylester resin


Our company was founded in 1962 in PERU by the Ballotta brothers: Italian immigrants who arrived to this country in search of a brighter future after the war in Europe.

It has been in business since then and is accountable for more than 500 boats locally and abroad for pleasure, defense, commercial fishing and transport. One of it’s main achievements is the launch of the largest fiberglass commercial fishing boat in the world at the time in 1968.


Currently we are the main fiberglass boat builder in Peru preferred by our proven durability and quality which allow us to give extended warranties to our hull.

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